Board & Kite Surfing

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Maestrale time...

Whenever the Northwesterly blows - and it usually does for several days in a row - its high time to drive north to Porto Pollo. If you got your board or kite with you, now is your moment of glory. If not, there is plenty of equipment to rent at the venue. But wait, its equally worthwhile just to go as a spectator and kibitz the scene. 

At Beaufort 6 and up, the action at the Porto Pollo beach is hard to top. The family of kiters and boarders crawl out of there RVs, get their high tech boards or kites ready and congregate on the beach. In no time, a couple of dozen boarders draw their lines in the heavy waves, up and down the beach front. If you have seen it once, you will go back time and again. It's a world class spectacle.